Why Wetless?

Save Water:

According to the EPA, the average person will waste 116 gallons of water while cleaning their car in their driveway. The average stand-alone “car wash” will use over 40 gallons of water per car. This is a lot of soapy grey/ contaminated water going down the storm drain and into the environment. It only takes 2-4 ounces of my product to clean the average size car. The soiled towels are cleaned in the washing machine and only take a few ounces of soap & water per towel.

Save Time:

Cleaning your car in your driveway or at the car wash with water takes a lot of time. To Drive to, wait in line, wash and dry will range from 30-60 minutes. Using Wetless Wash & Detail services, you don’t have to wait in line or drive somewhere to clean it.

Keep the value of your vehicle:

These days cars cost are much more than ever and the economic downturn has forced people to keep for a longer period of time. It is our opinion that if you take good care of your car and clean and polish it regularly, you will have a higher resale value than if you let it go or run it through the “car wash” regularly.

Professional Paint Reconditioning

Bringing automobile paint to as perfect as possible condition requires the use of specialized polishers, the right pads and the right products to achieve show stopping results. True paint correction is a highly skilled craft that not even many professional detailers can master. More importantly, diligent after care is required to keep the paint from being swirled and scratched up from dirt being dragged across the paint while washing and waxing.

True paint correction is a very tedious, time consuming process of leveling the vehicle’s paint to completely remove all the light to moderate swirls and scratches. True paint correction can take anywhere from the average 8 hours and up to 40 plus hours to complete depending on the type of paint, color of paint, paint hardness, shape of vehicle and of course the condition of the paint. The safe use of specialized machine polishers requires lots of safeguards such as taping off sharp body lines, edges and rubber or plastic moldings to prevent damage called “cutting through the paint” or “burning the paint or plastic moldings” therefore taking a true master of the craft to do this type of work.

When it absolutely has to be done right!